Mar 28, 2010

How To Remove Old Kernel Images In Grub 2

If You have dual boot You may notice every time You have updated Kernel it creates new lines in Grub menu.

example of grub with many kernel images

After some Kernel updates Grub will look unorganised and messy, like in image.

To keep Grub clean You need to remove old Kernel images, this images are not used and removing then will not affect Your os.

There are many tutorial on internet how to remove old kernel images, but i thing they are little complicated for new users.

The easiest way to remove old kernel images for grub is to remove them from system.
The easiest way to remove them is to use Ubuntu Tweak.

Ubuntu Tweak is tool that every new Ubuntu user should have.

To remove old Kernel images start Ubuntu Tweak,

go to "Package Cleaner" click on "Clean Kernels". Then click on "Unlock" button.

Select Kernels witch You wan't to delete (used Kernel is not in list) and click "Cleanup"

And You're done!

Next time You restart You will see only one kernel.

If you are using Burg instead of Grub you need to update Burg manual after removing old kernel images, just type in terminal:
sudo update-burg
If You are not using Ubuntu You need to do it in hard way.

Make a note of your old kernel images from the Grub Menu during boot.

Press Alt+F2 and type Synaptic
From the Menu select Search and type linux-image in the Search box
Locate your old linux-mage from the list for example: linux-image-2.6.xx-xx-xxx
Right Click the images you would like to remove, select Mark for Complete Removal and then click apply to remove the old image


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