Aug 1, 2011

How To Share Folders In Gnome 3

In Gnome 2 to share folders on local network you would just right click and in properties menu chose "Sharing Options" and just click share and you're done.

But in Gnome 3 there are no "Sharing Options" this really sucks and in "Personal File Sharing" setting it always says that required packages are not installed.

Now the only friendly way to share folder is with Samba Server Configuration tool.

First before you start make sure that you have installed samba.
sudo apt-get install samba
Then install Samba Server Configuration
sudo apt-get install system-config-samba

Now to share folder click on + icon and chose directory you want to share.

Here you can chose is directory will be visible, writable and who can access is.

In samba server setting you can chose workgroup name, computer description and security setting.


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